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I have always been a believer that it’s the little things in life that can make you happy. Long long ago I started a blog-ish type thing with my best bud where we would talk about all the things we were grateful for. It never went very far, but the concept has always stuck with me. I think it’s important to find enjoyment and appreciation in everything in your life, especially the little things that make up the bulk of the day.  As cheesy and hippy-ish it sounds, it’s almost as though you need to open your mind to being aware of the small things. Sometimes the things that have really turned my day around have been tiny.

Once after uni a few years back, in the early evening, I was feeling particularly grumpy and I decided to go for a walk. I wandered around thinking that I was so sick of seeing the same things everyday, hearing the same sounds, learning the same stuff. I was probably a teeny bit homesick too. Anyway, after wandering for a while, I heard these strange birdcalls that I’d been hearing at night. I never knew what they were. It sounded like there were heaps of them and the sound kept getting closer…I ended up walking through an entire flock of them. It was amazing. It turns out they were Bush stone-curlews. Maybe it wasn’t such a little thing, but it was amazing all the same. I recorded them on my phone and I used to use it as an alarm tone for a while so I could wake up to the sound of birds while I lived in the city. That moment woke me up and made me feel as though the world was there for me discover, wherever I was at the time.

My inspiration for this post came from picking tomatoes. I could pick them in a boring bowl and be done with it but there is a nostalgic joy from putting them in a basket. Everything is more fun when you use a basket! Well, maybe not everything, but picking tomatoes, collecting eggs and picking flowers is always better in a basket. 

See what I mean? If I was being cynical and boring, I could say that it doesn’t matter what the heck I put my tomatoes in, they’re still the same tomatoes and I would be right but there’s no fun in thinking that way!

So today, I hope you can find enjoyment in something…whether it be picking tomatoes, seeing a particularly amazing sunset, having an unexpected conversation with a friend or stranger, watching the stars, eating your lunch, discovering a flock of birds or smiling at a stranger and getting a smile in return…the possibilities are endless! You can make life much richer without having to spend a cent. 

I will continue to use my basket. Just because.


So, I have to break it to you. I have been eating my tomatoes. I love them. I’ve had quite a few now but I kept forgetting to take photos of them. And to be perfectly honest, they’re not all beautiful. I’ve had to put a few in the compost because they were rotten. I still don’t want to spray them, they’re essentially organic and I’d like to keep them that way. But the ones that are good are really good. Good in a lovely fleshy soft way, in a way I’ve never really experienced before. And the flavour! So this is what the plants look like now…


And now for the actual tomatoes. This one here is probably the best one I’ve gotten so far, big, glossy, red and mostly unblemished. Take a look at this baby…

So there you have it! I actually went away this weekend and left the tomatoes and my other current projects under the care of my parents. It was lovely to come back and see what seedlings have emerged from the soil and how quickly they grow!

More posts to come soon. Enjoy the sunshine!

I went away for a week to a family bible conference but that’s a story for another post. I just have to show you my garden now…I am in awe of how much my tomato plants and tomatoes have grown in one week! The plants are now of gargantuan proportions and the tomatoes! Oh the tomatoes! Some are bigger than tennis balls and they still haven’t got a hint of a blush of ripening on them. I was thinking that if I have some tomatoes by the time the local show comes I will totally enter a tomato in it. Hahahaha! I never would have thought I would be doing that. But this will only happen if I can still keep them grub free. I’m going to start investigating the process of making neem dust to add a a preventative measure. I’ll let you know how that one goes. But now I’ll show you what I know you’ve been waiting for…the photos!

It’s a terrible phone photo, I know, but you get the point. Those plants are MASSIVE! I even had to stake up some of the branches. I have these two wooden stepping stones I use to get in the middle of the garden bed and before I went away there was enough space for me to comfortably step in and survey my tomatoes and now it’s a bit of a squeeze! I sat in there yesterday and just absorbed that amazing tomato plant smell and imagined my next garden adventure that I will have there. I am thinking it will involve some sort of legume to refresh the soil and an elaborate trellis structure that will create a little private cubby of sorts. I have always wanted to do that. But it will be a while away yet because my tomatoes haven’t even begun to think about ripening…

Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll be around when I get to harvest some and I will make some delicious bruschetta or pizza and we will eat it and love it (you don’t get a choice with that part). These ones aren’t even the biggest – they just made the nicest photo. 

I have many more photos and moments to share so don’t you forget about this little blog over the next week!

I love the little moments. Little moments like finding a new little baby tomato on your treasured Grosse Lisse tomato plant or discovering a tiny little frog hiding on a leaf on a rose bush.

These moments are breathtaking. The little frog this morning was amazing, he would have been about 2 cm long and he was a strange subtle green colour with these amazing little specks of gold on his back. 

The frog reminded me of when we were kids and after we had a lot of rain we would go frog searching around the pond. We would count the frogs, never catching them, just watching them. I loved to find some by looking up at big leaves and trying to spot a little tiny frog silhouette. It was absolutely thrilling, finding these tiny amphibians. I remember one year when there were so many frogs, they were even in the pot plants around the house. 

I will have to go frog spotting again one day soon.

So last night I had this dream that I was eating a tomato from my own garden. 

That is all.

Wow. It’s been a while hasn’t it? So so much has happened since I last wrote on here. My life seems to be a continual state of flux. I have moved out of the city, back to my parent’s farm and have been exploring a new change of career direction and I am really happy right  now. I feel like I have been in a great routine of sleep and activity. I’ve been volunteering at some local schools and working with Prep an Year 1 classes mostly. I love the kids so much, they are absolutely fascinating. And I have been driving! My goodness, what a change. I really want to get my license before I start uni in July so I have been knuckling down and just doing it. Just this afternoon I drove over two hours to visit an elderly family friend who has been hospitalised for pneumonia. No big dramas driving which is fantastic!

Now for some visual aids to illustrate my life at the moment. I must note though, that I don’t have a high quality camera with me at the moment or a fast enough internet connection to upload them anyway so please excuse the quality of my photos which are either from my phone or the webcam. 

First you need to meet Georgie. She is the cutest pup right now. She’s a kelpie and she is ridiculously intelligent and cheeky. I think she’s a very proud princess of a dog. She refuses to fetch, but she definitely knows what to do when you tell her to. She deliberately places the ball/stick/plastic box just out of your reach and then grabs it when you get to close and she will continue the charade as long as she feels it’s fun for her. Oh and she just loves to swim! Having a water loving dog is beautiful, Georgie just loves to launch herself into the water with a terrific leap to fetch a stick or just for a swim. Anyway, here is a photo of her looking all innocent and lovely. She really is such a character.

And here is my other pet project…my tomato garden bed. Now, my dad has the most amazing vege garden but I really wanted to branch out and grow my own big red juicy tomatoes on my own. I did a little research and we found some Grosse Lisse tomato seedlings and some parsley for a little companion planting and here is the result.

The whole garden, there are seven tomato plants and more parsley. Some of the parsley is thriving and others seem slower to grow. I just mulched it this weekend. (also, I edited these photos on my camera…it’s a little limited, but at least the colours aren’t as washed out as most phone photos tend to be. Pretty cool eh?).

And here is a close up, just because I may be more than a little in love with these plants. It’s healthy, I’m sure. 

And here is my new favourite item of clothing. I bought this fabric ages ago, and last week I came home from school and I decided I wanted a wrap skirt. And to cut a long story short, my mum is brilliant. She is amazing. Mum helped me turn a simple skirt into a work of art, and helped me make it beautifully. I just love this skirt and now I have plans for a few more!

Oooh and on a recent visit to the recycling centre and I found this 1968 dress pattern that I am itching to make. So I will keep you posted!

I miss so many people and I love you all! I plan on keeping you all updated here, even if it is with terrible photos. I want to keep you in my life.

Love to you all!