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Check out these lemons!

This is just one branch on my aunt’s lemon tree. I have this list in my head of all the trees I must have in my own future garden and lemons are definitely on that list. There’s something special about having an over abundance of lemons. I’d love to have a bucket of lemons and be able to give them away and make homemade lemonade and make lemon meringue pies and lemon marmalade. I just hope I can grow a lemon tree better than my dad…they seem to be one of the only plants that he just can’t keep alive!

Some other trees on my list include mulberries, mandarin, pecan, cumquat, orange, pomelo and a few other subtropical varieties of tree. Oh that reminds me of a challenge on the finale of Masterchef the other night…the contestants had to name three fruits and I could not believe they didn’t know cumquats and guavas! I tend to forget that what we grow where I live doesn’t grow in all parts of Australia. I feel privileged.

Speaking of fruit trees, I had a great conversation with my aunt this morning about using fruit trees and vegetables and herbs as part of your garden. I don’t believe there should be a distinction between a garden and a vegetable garden. Why not combine them? If you’re going to be looking after a flower garden anyway, why not just add in a few edible plants  or fruit trees? It makes sense and you know it. Plus, it would make gardening more fun if you could reach over while weeding and grab a snow pea or a cherry tomato.

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ps. Did you click on all the lemony links? I was doing a search for photos of lemons with a creative commons license on flickr and I just had to share them. Lemons make beautiful photography subjects!


Everything was beautiful this afternoon.


Sunlight shining through my fresh mint tea.

(I’m a little amazed at my phone’s photo editing skills) This photo was from an afternoon at a beautiful beach. A little while after this the setting sun shone on the waves and it was stunning.

One of my favourite photos ever. I love the colours and I have come to love that little fluffy white butt (I hated that bird at the time, I was trying to get a lovely bird shot but it kept moving, then it flew away).  I think this photo is at least three years old.

Hope you’re all having a fantabulous day!


This is just a quick post to welcome in the spring…I might be a day late, but I wanted any opportunity to share some pretty pictures with you! These are some photos I took this morning on my little verandah. I used some pre-made actions in photoshop to make them all pretty and vintage-y…I downloaded the actions off

How can you have spring without jasmine? My sister picked some this morning to have on the table for our brother’s breakfast that we cooked (more about that in another post). It makes the whole unit just smell gorgeous and reminds me of so many childhood memories.

This little plant makes me very happy. That fragile looking stem with the bud on the end has been reaching out longer and longer each day. I can’t wait to see what it becomes! I love the look of this pot and plant against the bricks since my brother tidied (and culled!) our pot plant collection.

And lastly, a big one. This is a lovely thing, this succulent. My dad picked a rosette from a plant at our local Thai restaurant and we grew it from that. The thing is, it has sort of exploded and grown so much that I can’t imagine it’s tiny beginnings! It has these tendrils cascading over the corner of our railing and it is entwined through and around it and so now we couldn’t possibly move it without doing damage. I love it that way.

Happy spring time to you all!


p.s. Another post will come tomorrow, it will involve cake I promise!