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It’s the music that when you listen to it  your heart stirs to life and comes out from it’s hiding place and makes you actually want to live, to dance, to cry, to feel. If you have that kind of music in your life savour it and explore it. Appreciate it. 

At the moment the music that does it for me is definitely the Polyphonic Spree. Oh goodness me, the song that really cinched it was called ‘We Crawl’ but there are lots more that just make my heart sing. And look at what comes up if you do a Google Image search for the band right here. They practically wear costumes. I love costumes. 

If you want to hear some of the Polyphonic Spree for free, try finding the NPR podcast ‘All Songs Considered’. There are some great recordings of live concerts there, I highly recommend them. 

I hope you find your music.


At the moment the West End Market in Brisbane is my absolute favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning. Everything about them is just lovely. I like getting up early and then trundling off to the markets. It doesn’t really matter if I need to buy fruit and veg or not, I still like to go. Just to wander along in the morning crowd looking at fruit and veges or talking to the lady who makes the coolest crocheted hats or buying a lovely floppy hat made of vintage fabric or buying flowers is marvelously therapeutic. Or if I feel like treating myself that week, I might buy some fresh goats cheese and some crusty bread. And then I always top it off with a coffee from the cute gypsy style caravan (cardamom coffee is my current favourite) and sit on a hessian covered plastic milk crate under a massive fig tree by the river. Oh, I could gush about these markets for such a long time. I have enjoyed them with family and friends alike. I’d like to show you. 

Looking back up towards the markets from my coffee spot.


Did I mention that there are some awesome buskers there? This one was awesome, she set up right in front of us and just started playing. This is her myspace. Folk/gypsy/jazz with voice, guitar, trumpet and tin whistle. You might be hearing more about her here soon.

And the final piece of awesome – the markets are right beside some beautiful community gardens. I highly recommend the West End Markets to any one, local Brisbanite or visitor. I hope these markets stay like this for a long time to come!

Does anyone have any cool markets or Saturday morning happenings they would like to share?