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It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’m still alive and getting through all that life throws at me. So much has happened since I last blogged three months ago!

I remember thinking I could be one of those regular bloggers who maintained an up to date blog full of all sorts of lovely things but then reality kicked in. I have uni and assignments that make me far more stressed than I should allow and I have practical experiences in schools that leave me so exhausted by the end of the day and I have a lovely family and beautiful friends who I want to talk to and spend time with.

Life for me is crazy at the moment and I think what makes it the hardest is that I haven’t really found my rhythm yet. I feel as though I have hit the wall with my studies and my assignments (which really aren’t that hard) make me feel like I am tackling Mt Everest! I think 5 years of university in a row is far too much for my brain. But I will stick it out.

Life must continue and I would like to find my rhythm wherever it is. I’ll let you know when I find it.


But in the meantime I will always find my little joys like these flowers. They’re zinnias and I grew them from seed. They have to be the most satisfying flowers to grow. They just pop right out of the soil and grow so vigorously and produce long stemmed, bright, happy blooms that are perfect in a vase inside. I love the way there seems to be tiny little yellow flowers around the centre of each one…ooh and the colours! Pink, yellow, red, orange, white, peach, orange and every colour in between!

My zinnia plants are growing in the bed where I had my old tomato plants.


The garlic is still chugging along in there and I’ve also got some californian poppies and some pink and white everlasting daisies (also known as paper daisies!). The curly parsley has just died so I’ve scattered some heartsease seeds to fill in the gaps. They’re my new favourite flower!

Fresh flowers always brighten my day! What’s been brightening yours?


When I was younger I remember going to the house of an elderly family friend. They lived on a smallish block of land and they had an overgrown rambling garden that was a little scary but fun to explore. It used to have this vague quality like a sense of age and establishment. It’s a very elusive quality and difficult to explain. Anyway, the other day I was out exploring and I suddenly realised that after the 18 years or so of gardening and growth and change on my parents’ property it had reached that point of established-ness. It’s so hard to explain. Maybe you can see it best in those little forgotten corners that are left to grow on their own and develop their own personalities. It gives a lovely sense of permanence with a tiny tinge of decay that reminds me that nature can soften everything. Maybe it’s the same as sea glass.

So to show you what I mean, I have a photograph of one of those forgotten corners. This one is in my aunt’s old greenhouse. It’s not really a greenhouse anymore and has sort of taken up the role of emtpy plastic pot storage place. But every now and then you see a surprising little orchid flower peeping out of the greenery.


ps. Uh oh, flickr has changed a bit and my normally smooth process of putting photos on here has suddenly gotten bumpy…I will have to use html now. Not my favourite.

This is one gardening project I haven’t told you about yet. Remember my ridiculous excited craziness over the joy that is a bean teepee? Well, soon afterwards my dad and I got our brains together on a drizzly afternoon and we collected bamboo and created a massive bamboo dome like structure over which I intended to grow purple climbing beans and purple podded peas, purchased from Eden Seeds.

I planted the seeds and waited for them to pop out of the ground. I seriously would go out to the garden first thing every morning and examine the soil. And they all pushed their way out and started growing vigorously. My excitement was increasing day by day…soon I would have the bean teepee of my dreams!

However there was an unforeseen factor in the growth of the beans. A subtropical pest known as the bean fly. I had never heard of such a dastardly beast, but suddenly my beautiful beans ceased to thrive and they just stopped growing. With a heavy heart I pulled them out and burnt the infected plants. I was a little disheartened but I decided to try growing them again. Dad said I should probably spray them but neither of us really liked that idea so I thought I’d just try my luck again. They ended up the same way.

But the peas that I had planted were perfect and before I knew it they had sprung up and up and up and then they were like this.

I know it’s probably a little difficult to see here, but they are now taller than me! The alternate garden beds were growing beans but the only thing left in them are the smaller sweet peas whose flowers I can’t wait for! I have planted some more purple peas in those beds too, so maybe I will have my green shelter at some stage in the future. But speaking of flowers, check out the flowers on those purple peas.

They smell amazing too. When you walk through that part of the garden there’s this beautiful subtle sweet pea-ish scent. The next stage of their growth is the peas! Today they were big enough for me to pick.

And from that, to this…

I cooked them for a few seconds in boiling water and just gobbled them right up. They tasted perfect. Some people might think that the labour of planting and picking and podding just wouldn’t be worth it, but I would disagree. I think it goes along with part of the slow food movement. When you grow your own food you gain an appreciation and respect for the environment and what can be produced when you embrace it.

The preparation just adds to the enjoyment of the final product. I will definitely enjoy these peas for weeks to come. I feel privileged.


I just had to drop by and let you know what little things have made me happy today. My day didn’t start so well, I almost fell into the ‘wake-up-grumpy’ trap but I avoided that one with a little side step and I actually had a really productive day at uni. The little joys happened this afternoon and they really are little. Let me make a list…

  1. Untying Georgie when I got home this afternoon. She is a wriggly bundle of joy.
  2. Catching the last few minutes of a Full House repeat that luckily showed a sweet moment with Jesse, one of my earliest TV crushes (of which there were and are many).
  3. Having a big chat with one of my beautiful aunts. I love my family.
  4. Getting the kitchen clean. As much as I hate it, it does make me feel much better when it’s done.

It probably seems thoroughly domestic, but these little things are what gets me through a tough or a slow day. I love the little things. Thanks for reading my little blog.


I can wear tights. I am developing quite a collection at the moment, despite my tendency to put holes in them at inopportune times. These ones are actually ones I bought last year and they may possibly be my oldest pair.

I also like sleeping and lounging in the sun.


A BEAN TEEPEE!! Oh dearie me, I’m getting so excited. Look at these links! This one tells you all about how to make one. And this one has this picture from the 70s of an awesome one. I love that one. I like that it’s not quite a teepee and it seems very spacious. Perfect play area. Step by step instructions? Right here. And if you rent you can even make one with container planting! Doesn’t it make you want to garden? Look how big this one is! I want to make one big enough to seat a few people, either on a picnic blanket or some chairs…and a table? It’d be great for kids too. Imagine sitting in there looking up to see this beautiful view. Maybe I could grow all sorts of climbing plants…beans, peas, sweet peas or some other flowering vine. I even read about cucumber vines, and I guess you could make one with chokos or passionfruit. Oh the possibilities! They could be perennials or annuals. I’m getting ridiculously excited right about now.

I love the little moments. Little moments like finding a new little baby tomato on your treasured Grosse Lisse tomato plant or discovering a tiny little frog hiding on a leaf on a rose bush.

These moments are breathtaking. The little frog this morning was amazing, he would have been about 2 cm long and he was a strange subtle green colour with these amazing little specks of gold on his back. 

The frog reminded me of when we were kids and after we had a lot of rain we would go frog searching around the pond. We would count the frogs, never catching them, just watching them. I loved to find some by looking up at big leaves and trying to spot a little tiny frog silhouette. It was absolutely thrilling, finding these tiny amphibians. I remember one year when there were so many frogs, they were even in the pot plants around the house. 

I will have to go frog spotting again one day soon.