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I just had to drop by and let you know what little things have made me happy today. My day didn’t start so well, I almost fell into the ‘wake-up-grumpy’ trap but I avoided that one with a little side step and I actually had a really productive day at uni. The little joys happened this afternoon and they really are little. Let me make a list…

  1. Untying Georgie when I got home this afternoon. She is a wriggly bundle of joy.
  2. Catching the last few minutes of a Full House repeat that luckily showed a sweet moment with Jesse, one of my earliest TV crushes (of which there were and are many).
  3. Having a big chat with one of my beautiful aunts. I love my family.
  4. Getting the kitchen clean. As much as I hate it, it does make me feel much better when it’s done.

It probably seems thoroughly domestic, but these little things are what gets me through a tough or a slow day. I love the little things. Thanks for reading my little blog.



She’s a bundle of joy. An occasionally badly behaved bundle of joy. Georgie is currently obsessed with fetching, or at least her version of fetching. All you have to do is go outside and she looks at you with that look and and she’s off to find anything that you can throw or kick for her to fetch…balls, sticks, plastic containers, you name it, she will chase it.

I love this dog.

This will be a photo post to celebrate Georgie fetching. Granted, she does it on her own terms…she will rarely place the ball at my feet instantly, but she will watch you for a moment and then put the ball down where it will roll towards me. She does this very consistently and if you happen to try and hurry her up she gives you this look that is incredibly proud and maybe a little offended that you would dare rush her, this is her game, and she plays by her rules. I love this dog.


Isn’t she the best?