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Martin here is my first foray into the world of amigurumi (crocheted toys originated from Japan). I love him very much and I am very much proud of him.

I learnt to crochet from the internet and various very old crochet/needle crafts books I bought from second hand book stores. Since then I have made scarves, berets and have started more than one blanket (but as yet have finished none…). I love the meditative repetition that crochet requires…and then the end result is so so satisfying.  I will share some of my earlier crochet projects with you another time. For now you can appreciate little Martin here.

I made him for my sister’s 20th birthday in June this year. I mostly made up the pattern myself. I attempted to write the pattern out to publish on here and share with my ravelry friends but sort of failed at that. I lost my notes…woopsy daisies! I was inspired to actually try amigurumi after reading so many patterns on I really really recommend that site if you are a crocheter or knitter. There are so many free patterns and advice on yarn and needles and hooks…and it’s pretty much just an awesome community.

Seeing that photo of Martin just made me remember how much I love having fresh flowers at home. I get these gerberas from the West End Markets at a flower stall there…they are 30 cents per stem and it is so fun to pick out whatever colours your heart desires early on a Saturday morning. Maybe next time I will take a camera with me…I love those markets. There is this cute gypsy styled caravan that sells organic fair trade coffee and my favourite is the cardamom latte. Oh, and there are these curry puffs there that are amazing. I have never loved a curry puff like that. $2 each and love at first scalding hot bite. That is a fantastic breakfast…cardamom coffee and curry puffs. Just thinking about the markets is making me drooooool. Yummmy! Now I know what I will be doing next Saturday morning!

I was browsing through my earlier blog posts and I remembered my pledge to hand make all my Christmas gifts this year. I’m not sure how that is going to go. I might try and have a handmade element to each present and aim that anything I do actually purchase is handmade. I don’t really like massive commercialism and consumerism. I would really love to make my own Christmas ornaments this year too. I have this idea for a Christmas tree that I am itching to try out. I really do love Christmas! The idea of giving and eating and sharing is extremely heartwarming. I am thinking of having an Australian thanksgiving dinner this year for a few of my close friends. That is one American tradition that I have always admired because I feel like it would be a great way of showing gratitude to my friends and family for loving and just being them. I’m not sure how traditional I would have the dinner…this is going to give me something new to plan! Recently I have just loved cooking and baking and sharing delicious food with my friends. I normally have some sort of dinner party at least once a year but I haven’t had one this year yet. Oooh, the ideas are swirling around in my head now!

Hehe, I was just looking back at where my tangential mind has taken me this blog entry and it is ridiculous! …amigurumi – crochet – ravelry – flowers – markets – breakfast – gifts – Christmas – thanksgiving – dinner parties. You’ve gotta love tangents!

I haven’t got a lot more to say today…uni has been getting more and more hectic and all my assignments are catching up on me. I’m not stressing out as such, I am more just finding less time to spend on here. But never fear, I will not abandon you, my readers!



One of the first birthday presents I ever made for my younger sister was a cute little piece of embroidery my grandma helped me with when I was about 9 or 10. It was a simple little piece with baby ducks and chickens and a few flowers. I remember being fascinated by the tiny little ‘lazy daisy’ stitches and the silky threads. The satisfaction of a finished piece being put into a frame was like no other, I was so proud. My sister still has it.  It was a vintage iron on transfer from my grandma’s collection that I used to pore over. My grandma died when I was about 12 and I don’t know what happened to those embroidery transfers. Now whenever I embroider, I am reminded of my grandma patiently teaching me all the little stitches.

The projects below are from two or so years ago.

Love dino and anatomically correct skull

Now, although I still love vintage embroidery, I am enthralled by the idea of moving embroidery into today’s fashion. It is such a versatile skill and to actually sit down with a needle and thread is almost a meditative process.

The embroidery above are some of my more recent forays into embroidery. The skull came from a desire to treat the needle and thread as a pen on paper. I sketched a skull from my anatomy textbook, simplified it a little, drew on some basic outlines very lightly with a pencil and filled it in carefully. I was very happy with that one. The ‘love dino’ was inspired by some small drawing I vaguely recalled seeing and I wanted to try my hand at filling in an outline with some long stitch. I would love to do this dinosaur on a baby t-shirt for a gift (when I actually have a friend who requires such gifts!)

Embroidered Patches medley

I made these patches to sew onto my handbag. I love buttons and badges and patches sewn on fabric. I don’t want to grow out of it. My mum used to collect little touristy patches in a little box in her sewing cupboard and I always loved the sturdy little embroidered patches. When I found an internet tutorial that quite simply explained how to achieve such results I almost danced for joy! All I did was figure out some simple designs, cut out the shape, embroider and finish off my embroidering a lovely little black border over the edge of the felt. It takes a while, but they really are cute and reusable!
And that is all of my creative adventures for today.