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My dad, an art teacher, was asked to do an illustration for a primary school reading program called ‘Ride the Reading Wave with Hervey the Whale’ or something to that effect. Dad passed the job onto me and this is what I came up with.

It will be used for stickers, posters, t-shirt and whatever else they like. I’m pretty happy with it! I will get samples of all the products they come up with and due to this illustration I might have a foot in the door to get a few paid illustration jobs! Exciting!


One of my favourite photos ever. I love the colours and I have come to love that little fluffy white butt (I hated that bird at the time, I was trying to get a lovely bird shot but it kept moving, then it flew away).  I think this photo is at least three years old.

Hope you’re all having a fantabulous day!


What I Wore Today

Just thought I’d share a drawing.


I bought a lovely little moleskine sketchbook about 4 years ago when I finished high school.  Ever since then it has lived in my handbag along with some sort of writing/drawing instrument. I go through stages of drawing in it and ignoring it but lately I have been so inpired to just draw. I used to treat my pretty little book like a sacred thing and would only draw in it occasionally but recently I realised that I like things that are full of details and drawings and colour. I want to fill my book. Here are some photos of my favourite book that I am more than a little bit attached to.

Meet my moleskine…

First pages

Momentous occasions…first day at uni, o-week and other assorted drawings

A recent more colourful crazy page

I am very proud of this page…I like that I somehow managed to keep my characters consistent. I have lots of trouble with that!

Just so you get an idea of how attached I am to this baby…I had this ridiculously vivid nightmare the other night. I was with some friends by this big dark pool/lake and my older brother decided to threaten to push my handbag inot the pool. And then it actually fell in and I was so mad. And the only thing that we could find was my moleskine and I opened up my soggy sketchbook and all my drawings that weren’t drawn with a waterproof pen had all washed away. I was hysterical. (I make an honest effort to only draw with a waterproof pen now)

And just because this made me happy, here is a photo of my breakfast today. My sister and a friend came over for dinner last night and they wanted to make a quiche to have for breakfast at a park. So we stayed up late baking a lovely quiche with asparagus and zucchini and tomato and we had a minor sleep in and got some takeaway coffees and a cherry danish to share. Then we went to a park by the river and just sat and ate and talked and prayed for some friends in need. I love those mornings…and I love my friends that I have been blessed to have in my life. (my sister took this photo, and then I played with actions in photoshop to get it to look all pretty and vintage like).

I feel like I just let you take a look in my own personal diary…but I have been so proud of my drawings lately. Enjoy my friends!

p.s. I am quite excited about a collaborative project I am planning with a good friend. I can’t tell you what it’s about exactly and it’s going to take a while but I am still very very excited!

p.p.s. Sorry about the lack of updates lately…I took lots of great photos on my holidays that I can’t wait to share but I put them on my parents’ lap top but I keep on forgetting to get them. Some great projects happening that I can’t wait to share. xo

I have been doodling a lot lately, and sometimes, on a good day, I come up with some pretty cool linework. And if it’s good enough I will scan it into the computer and have a play around in photoshop and colour them in. Here are two of my pieces that I was pretty happy with…

I used to be very averse to digital colouring due to some sense of loyalty to traditional art mediums. I have since come to realise the value of digital art (especially in commercial and illustrative areas of interest) and I have also realised that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea!  I think that if I had more reason to practice using photoshop and corel I would definitely get better at it…but for me it lacks that personal attachment I get to a drawing or painting. I seem to get very attached to my paintings…I love to run my hand over a completed painting just to feel the different textures (and I have had to fight the urge to do the same thing in art galleries!) and I love the idea of a piece of art being a complete one off. But don’t get me wrong, I still love digital art, but my heart remains loyal to the traditional.

(But I am incredibly proud of my digital colouring efforts!)

So here I am…starting a new little blog in which I hope to share the things that inspire, encourage and push me to create. I hope that by sharing these things, you will also be inspired to put some creativity into your everyday life. I guess I started this so that I can have a place to externalise my thoughts and the things which make me smile. I hope it becomes a colourful place that fosters a community feel through creativity and sharing. There have been so many blogs that I have admired over the past few years and I would love to give back to that online community.

Today I pulled out my paint and brushes to complete a painting I started last week. I am pretty happy with how this has turned out, especially since it was an experiment of sorts. I tried limiting my colour palette to yellows, reds and blues and I also tried a more cubist style than I would usually tackle. I’m just not so sure about the blue that I did today and I think I need to straighten up a few red outlines. I am hoping to start (and finish) at least 3 more paintings in the coming week. Even though it takes a bit of motivation to actually start a painting I really love the satisfaction I can get from just laying the colours on a canvas. It’s a pleasure like no other. I’ve shown you a corner of my painting and a view of my studio/dining room table.

One of my goals is to make all my Christmas presents for this year. That will add up to at least 10 handmade gifts. I’d better start brainstorming! Hopefully I can have all my presents ready early this year, complete with pretty wrapping.

The List

  1. Mum
  2. Dad
  3. Little sister (she’ll be 20)
  4. Younger big brother
  5. Big brother
  6. Sister in law
  7. Granny
  8. Super Aunt 1
  9. Super Aunt 2
  10. Best bud
  11. Pen pal
  12. Childhood neighbour

Time to put my thinking cap on…