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So…I’m back! So much has changed over the last three years. Uni has been put to the side, I’m working in a full time job that makes me happy but pays less, I have some hobby time, I have a ridiculously adorable nephew, my baby sister and best friend moved home for work, my baby sister just moved to London for work, I still garden, I still draw, I sew more and really, I still haven’t figured my life out! 

But for now, I would just like to get my blog back running so I have somewhere to talk about and share my creative endeavours. I’ve been sewing, drawing, painting and even trying my hand at a little typography. I’ll have to figure out an image hosting solution as I seem to recall that Flickr changed their photo hosting methods and it threw me for a loop. I need something simpler. Or just a change. 

For now, you can have a little peek into the other things I’ve been doing on the internet and in my life…

Here is a little link list…

Pinterest – Of course I have Pinterest. I use it as a visual bookmarking tool for inspiration in my creative adventures.

1000 faces by rosie – My tumblr blog is pretty self explanatory. I’m up to 272!

Kollabora – This is a pretty recent one. It’s for my sewing projects. It’s a nice small community that has helped me jump on the self-made clothing bandwagon. I’m maybe preparing for Me Made May next year? I would wear at least one self made item of clothing each day for the entire month of May. Sounds good to me!

So that’s a little of what I’ve been up to!



I found this last Sunday.

A little broken dead butterfly. It was stunningly beautiful and I felt privileged that I was able to look at this fragile insect up close. This was the only photo I managed to get before the wind blew it out of my hands. I couldn’t bring myself to pick it up again.

I got some mini croissants from the supermarket the other day because they were reduced (classy right?) and today I was itching for a delicious snack. I got my croissants out of the fridge, sliced them open, grilled them until they started to crisp up a little bit, popped a slice of a soft cheese (mine was Tasmanian Heritage’s ‘Red Square’, which was also on sale) on top and sat them under the grill for a moment until the cheese just started to melt. Then I put them on a plate, ran outside and got a sprig of parsley from my garden, garnished my super complicated morning tea and was ridiculously pleased with it. It was delicious. I’ve run out of croissants now, but if I had any left I would have ben gorging on them all day! And also, I’d forgotten how delicious parsley is. It’s amazing. And my plants are also beautiful! I think you get an emotional connection to any food or herbs you grow and then you’re biased to think it tastes fantastic. It’s fine by me though! 

In other news, I’ve spent the morning weeding my parents’ garden. I spent a good two hours weeding, put about four very full wheelbarrows of weeds in the compost and discovered some forgotten plants. I found some parsley that no one could remember when or where we planted it and a whole bed of stunted kohl rabi and plenty of icky toads. As much as the toads give me heebie jeebies I think they’re keeping the grasshoppers and caterpillars under control. We had a pretty terrible wave of pests in the garden after a very wet hot summer and lots of the leafy greens and herbs were decimated. Anyway, after all this weeding, I’ve really only done about a tenth of the entire garden. Did I ever mention how big my parents’ garden is? Very big. But because it’s so large, some unused garden beds are inevitably gobbled up by weeds. Anyway, I’d better get back to it soon…lunch first, then back to the garden!

A BEAN TEEPEE!! Oh dearie me, I’m getting so excited. Look at these links! This one tells you all about how to make one. And this one has this picture from the 70s of an awesome one. I love that one. I like that it’s not quite a teepee and it seems very spacious. Perfect play area. Step by step instructions? Right here. And if you rent you can even make one with container planting! Doesn’t it make you want to garden? Look how big this one is! I want to make one big enough to seat a few people, either on a picnic blanket or some chairs…and a table? It’d be great for kids too. Imagine sitting in there looking up to see this beautiful view. Maybe I could grow all sorts of climbing plants…beans, peas, sweet peas or some other flowering vine. I even read about cucumber vines, and I guess you could make one with chokos or passionfruit. Oh the possibilities! They could be perennials or annuals. I’m getting ridiculously excited right about now.

We bought some chicken drumsticks last grocery shopping trip and I really don’t enjoy cooking them. I also must confess that I have a secret weakness for fried chicken (popcorn chicken is one of my vices) but I hate the actual process of frying – the dishes are way too messy and I don’t like spitty oil…so it was only logical that this was my inspiration for a recipe search. I ended up finding this recipe for oven fried chicken and modifying it according to the ingredients I had on hand (I would never buy ‘seasoned breadcrumbs’ when I can season my own). I am going to write out the recipe the way I did it. (By the way, they turned out deeeeeeelicious! Very crunchy and very much worth doing again). I’ll draw some pictures to aid the instructions. Actually bring on the pictorial recipe…

So there you have it. I am sure this would work with any chicken pieces…wings or thighs or little bits of chicken breast (ooh yeah, bring on the popcorn chicken!). There are plenty more recipes around there, I recommend checking out oven fried chicken recipes on to look at the range out there. Anywho, this is a great way to use budget chicken cuts. I also made my own breadcrumbs with a few frozen crusts I had in the freezer and I crumbified them and mixed them with herbs and whatnot in a food processor. Easy peasy. I used the leftover egg/flour/breadcrumbs to make potato wedges which were also loveeerly.

In other news, my other computer had a little crash moment and is getting repaired. 😦 I’m a little sad about that, but I was assured that my files should be ok. *phew* I have a lot of photos and paintings and drawings stored on there. Time to do some backing up when I get it back. That’s why we have an external hard drive! I’m also more distrustful of PCs now too. I grew up on macs and deviated to PCs in the last few years but this imac has been pretty faithful. I think when I finally buy myself a new computer it will be a pretty pretty shiny imac or ibook. I’m also having trouble with my scanner on this computer, but after extensive googling, this is not uncommon and it’s a problem with the canon hardware not the imac. I had to use the camera to get that recipe up there on here. Thank goodness for options!

That is all from me for now, this might be my last post for a week or so because I’m probably going to the beach for a week on a bible family camp. I’ll bring you back some photos…I promise.