So…I’m back! So much has changed over the last three years. Uni has been put to the side, I’m working in a full time job that makes me happy but pays less, I have some hobby time, I have a ridiculously adorable nephew, my baby sister and best friend moved home for work, my baby sister just moved to London for work, I still garden, I still draw, I sew more and really, I still haven’t figured my life out! 

But for now, I would just like to get my blog back running so I have somewhere to talk about and share my creative endeavours. I’ve been sewing, drawing, painting and even trying my hand at a little typography. I’ll have to figure out an image hosting solution as I seem to recall that Flickr changed their photo hosting methods and it threw me for a loop. I need something simpler. Or just a change. 

For now, you can have a little peek into the other things I’ve been doing on the internet and in my life…

Here is a little link list…

Pinterest – Of course I have Pinterest. I use it as a visual bookmarking tool for inspiration in my creative adventures.

1000 faces by rosie – My tumblr blog is pretty self explanatory. I’m up to 272!

Kollabora – This is a pretty recent one. It’s for my sewing projects. It’s a nice small community that has helped me jump on the self-made clothing bandwagon. I’m maybe preparing for Me Made May next year? I would wear at least one self made item of clothing each day for the entire month of May. Sounds good to me!

So that’s a little of what I’ve been up to!