How cool is this? Bread is my latest weekend hobby. Bread in a camp oven over hot coals. The first two attempts resulted in absolutely delicious bread but it was a little burnt. This one was a smaller batch and I did it all by myself. I even decorated this one so it looked a little bit French. I am a little in awe of how satisfying it is to make bread completely from scratch. You can gather so much enjoyment and pleasure from food, growing it, harvesting it, cooking it. All food should be enjoyed. It’s an amazing blessing and it is a beautiful thing to share home cooked and home grown food.  

Homemade bread tastes far better than purchased loaves and I can’t see myself going back to supermarket for bread at the moment. In a normal week I won’t eat much bread. A large loaf cooked on Saturday or Sunday generally keeps me going all week. And it makes the most perfect toast and the best bruschetta bread with my homegrown tomatoes.

I’m still adjusting to the changes in my life and sometimes I feel as though I have to validate my lack of social activities with other events such as gardening, cooking, going out for coffee or jazz or organising a camp oven roast and dinner under the stars. They’re all lovely things to do but I can’t deny I’m a little bit lonely. It’s good for me though, I plan on going rural when I finish my education graduate diploma and it’s going to be just me on my lonesome. I can do this! 

Love to you all,