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It’s the music that when you listen to it  your heart stirs to life and comes out from it’s hiding place and makes you actually want to live, to dance, to cry, to feel. If you have that kind of music in your life savour it and explore it. Appreciate it. 

At the moment the music that does it for me is definitely the Polyphonic Spree. Oh goodness me, the song that really cinched it was called ‘We Crawl’ but there are lots more that just make my heart sing. And look at what comes up if you do a Google Image search for the band right here. They practically wear costumes. I love costumes. 

If you want to hear some of the Polyphonic Spree for free, try finding the NPR podcast ‘All Songs Considered’. There are some great recordings of live concerts there, I highly recommend them. 

I hope you find your music.


She’s a bundle of joy. An occasionally badly behaved bundle of joy. Georgie is currently obsessed with fetching, or at least her version of fetching. All you have to do is go outside and she looks at you with that look and and she’s off to find anything that you can throw or kick for her to fetch…balls, sticks, plastic containers, you name it, she will chase it.

I love this dog.

The only thing missing is the ham. 

Green eggs. They were surprisingly delicious and probably a great way of adding veges to a simple breakfast. The green is from comfrey. I just blended some young comfrey leaves with a few eggs and made scrambled eggs. It just tasted a little spinach-y. Pretty tasty actually and I think it looks awesome! I just love a hot breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday. I think I would like to make it a tradition. I love thinking about the traditions I would like to establish in my life… hot breakfasts on weekends, regular unpluggings of technology…and a few more…and a healthy dose of flexibility if it doesn’t turn out my way!

I hope you can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin today.

How cool is this? Bread is my latest weekend hobby. Bread in a camp oven over hot coals. The first two attempts resulted in absolutely delicious bread but it was a little burnt. This one was a smaller batch and I did it all by myself. I even decorated this one so it looked a little bit French. I am a little in awe of how satisfying it is to make bread completely from scratch. You can gather so much enjoyment and pleasure from food, growing it, harvesting it, cooking it. All food should be enjoyed. It’s an amazing blessing and it is a beautiful thing to share home cooked and home grown food.  

Homemade bread tastes far better than purchased loaves and I can’t see myself going back to supermarket for bread at the moment. In a normal week I won’t eat much bread. A large loaf cooked on Saturday or Sunday generally keeps me going all week. And it makes the most perfect toast and the best bruschetta bread with my homegrown tomatoes.

I’m still adjusting to the changes in my life and sometimes I feel as though I have to validate my lack of social activities with other events such as gardening, cooking, going out for coffee or jazz or organising a camp oven roast and dinner under the stars. They’re all lovely things to do but I can’t deny I’m a little bit lonely. It’s good for me though, I plan on going rural when I finish my education graduate diploma and it’s going to be just me on my lonesome. I can do this! 

Love to you all,


Sunlight shining through my fresh mint tea.

I recently bought a bucket load of seeds for my parents. It was ridiculously fun. Since before I can remember my parents have had this seed catalogue from Eden Seeds and I have always loved poring over the pages wanting to buy some Moon and Stars watermelon seeds or some Turkish Turban pumpkin seeds. Anyway, our last catalogue was a few years old and I thought that they might have a website, and obviously they do. The concept of Eden Seeds is fantastic. Here is an excerpt from their website

OUR AIM is to distribute old traditional open pollinated varieties of vegetable seed, preferably old Australian varieties and organically or bio-dynamically grown where possible. 

We believe they are more nutritious and better tasting, hardy and easier to grow for the home gardener. Old varieties produce over an extended period. Home gardeners obtain relaxation, enjoyment and quality from a most rewarding hobby.

Our seeds are the old traditional open pollinated non-hybrid varieties and have no chemical treatment, and no genetic engineering.

Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? And the seeds that I’ve planted so far this season have all popped up out of the soil. I am beyond excited about one of these projects. I will dedicate an entire blog post about that when it gets easier to photograph. I’m planting some more seeds this afternoon in the seeds beds. I really love planting and watching all the brassicas grow at this time of year… broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kohl rabi and my most anticipated, tatsoi. It’s this lovely salad green whose name had been a mystery that I first enjoyed as part of an Asian Salad Mix punnet of seedlings. When I found the picture in the catalogue I was so excited! So here are some pics of my seeds and of my tatsoi seedlings.


Now if you’re thinking about starting a garden or growing some new plants or varieties, you can always go to Eden Seeds. They were quick and efficient with my order and the delivery.

I still have more things I can blog about. I really need to remember to keep you all updated here. Sorry for the unintended neglect!

(edited to add, I just realised that I have the date wrong, it was 26/04/10 when I planted the tatsoi. I’m not that slack in updating you all!)

At the moment the West End Market in Brisbane is my absolute favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning. Everything about them is just lovely. I like getting up early and then trundling off to the markets. It doesn’t really matter if I need to buy fruit and veg or not, I still like to go. Just to wander along in the morning crowd looking at fruit and veges or talking to the lady who makes the coolest crocheted hats or buying a lovely floppy hat made of vintage fabric or buying flowers is marvelously therapeutic. Or if I feel like treating myself that week, I might buy some fresh goats cheese and some crusty bread. And then I always top it off with a coffee from the cute gypsy style caravan (cardamom coffee is my current favourite) and sit on a hessian covered plastic milk crate under a massive fig tree by the river. Oh, I could gush about these markets for such a long time. I have enjoyed them with family and friends alike. I’d like to show you. 

Looking back up towards the markets from my coffee spot.


Did I mention that there are some awesome buskers there? This one was awesome, she set up right in front of us and just started playing. This is her myspace. Folk/gypsy/jazz with voice, guitar, trumpet and tin whistle. You might be hearing more about her here soon.

And the final piece of awesome – the markets are right beside some beautiful community gardens. I highly recommend the West End Markets to any one, local Brisbanite or visitor. I hope these markets stay like this for a long time to come!

Does anyone have any cool markets or Saturday morning happenings they would like to share?

(I’m a little amazed at my phone’s photo editing skills) This photo was from an afternoon at a beautiful beach. A little while after this the setting sun shone on the waves and it was stunning.

So, I have to break it to you. I have been eating my tomatoes. I love them. I’ve had quite a few now but I kept forgetting to take photos of them. And to be perfectly honest, they’re not all beautiful. I’ve had to put a few in the compost because they were rotten. I still don’t want to spray them, they’re essentially organic and I’d like to keep them that way. But the ones that are good are really good. Good in a lovely fleshy soft way, in a way I’ve never really experienced before. And the flavour! So this is what the plants look like now…


And now for the actual tomatoes. This one here is probably the best one I’ve gotten so far, big, glossy, red and mostly unblemished. Take a look at this baby…

So there you have it! I actually went away this weekend and left the tomatoes and my other current projects under the care of my parents. It was lovely to come back and see what seedlings have emerged from the soil and how quickly they grow!

More posts to come soon. Enjoy the sunshine!