I got some mini croissants from the supermarket the other day because they were reduced (classy right?) and today I was itching for a delicious snack. I got my croissants out of the fridge, sliced them open, grilled them until they started to crisp up a little bit, popped a slice of a soft cheese (mine was Tasmanian Heritage’s ‘Red Square’, which was also on sale) on top and sat them under the grill for a moment until the cheese just started to melt. Then I put them on a plate, ran outside and got a sprig of parsley from my garden, garnished my super complicated morning tea and was ridiculously pleased with it. It was delicious. I’ve run out of croissants now, but if I had any left I would have ben gorging on them all day! And also, I’d forgotten how delicious parsley is. It’s amazing. And my plants are also beautiful! I think you get an emotional connection to any food or herbs you grow and then you’re biased to think it tastes fantastic. It’s fine by me though! 

In other news, I’ve spent the morning weeding my parents’ garden. I spent a good two hours weeding, put about four very full wheelbarrows of weeds in the compost and discovered some forgotten plants. I found some parsley that no one could remember when or where we planted it and a whole bed of stunted kohl rabi and plenty of icky toads. As much as the toads give me heebie jeebies I think they’re keeping the grasshoppers and caterpillars under control. We had a pretty terrible wave of pests in the garden after a very wet hot summer and lots of the leafy greens and herbs were decimated. Anyway, after all this weeding, I’ve really only done about a tenth of the entire garden. Did I ever mention how big my parents’ garden is? Very big. But because it’s so large, some unused garden beds are inevitably gobbled up by weeds. Anyway, I’d better get back to it soon…lunch first, then back to the garden!