A BEAN TEEPEE!! Oh dearie me, I’m getting so excited. Look at these links! This one tells you all about how to make one. And this one has this picture from the 70s of an awesome one. I love that one. I like that it’s not quite a teepee and it seems very spacious. Perfect play area. Step by step instructions? Right here. And if you rent you can even make one with container planting! Doesn’t it make you want to garden? Look how big this one is! I want to make one big enough to seat a few people, either on a picnic blanket or some chairs…and a table? It’d be great for kids too. Imagine sitting in there looking up to see this beautiful view. Maybe I could grow all sorts of climbing plants…beans, peas, sweet peas or some other flowering vine. I even read about cucumber vines, and I guess you could make one with chokos or passionfruit. Oh the possibilities! They could be perennials or annuals. I’m getting ridiculously excited right about now.