This whole new world being the world of kids. I have been volunteering in a few local schools in prep to year 3 for the last few months and because of this I have been privy to some fantastic conversations. My two favourites are from some prep kids. I just have to share them.

Let’s set the scene for the first one. I was with the teachers having lunch and the kids were outside playing and this little girl comes tearing up to the classroom (I won’t use real names here, let’s call her Talea and her teacher can be Mrs Smith).Talea starts exclaiming very loudly, “Mrs Smith! Mrs Smith! My hat blew off my head into the sky!”

Mrs Smith asked, “Did you throw it upwards?”

“No! The wind blew it off my head into the clouds!”

“Did you look for it? Is it on the ground somewhere?”

“No, because it’s up in the sky!”

Well, it turns out that she left her hat in the office and had gone back down to the playground without it and when she realised that her hat wasn’t on her head it led her to the most logical conclusion!

Now for the second story. It’s another preppy story. There is this adorable kid in this prep class named (for the sake of this story) Tom and he’s one of those exuberant little guys who is a lovely boy but not a mummy’s boy and he has the most fantastic cheeky little grin. At this school I am known as Miss Rosie because my mum teaches there and there would be a little confusion over names. As it happens there is still confusion of names for me. Most of the time the children call me Mrs Rosie and I always remind them that it’s Miss not Mrs because I’m not married. And thus my story begins…

Tom was drawing a picture and he wanted some help. He saw me and said, “Mrs Rosie? Can I have some help?”

To which I replied, “Tom, remember it’s Miss Rosie not Mrs Rosie. I’m not married!”

And with the most earnest little face he asked without a beat, “Why aren’t you married?”

“Well, I just haven’t found a boy who will marry me.” I said.

And then came the obviously logical response, “Why don’t you just ask one?”

I told him I’d try that next time. I’ll let you know how it goes!