I love the little moments. Little moments like finding a new little baby tomato on your treasured Grosse Lisse tomato plant or discovering a tiny little frog hiding on a leaf on a rose bush.

These moments are breathtaking. The little frog this morning was amazing, he would have been about 2 cm long and he was a strange subtle green colour with these amazing little specks of gold on his back. 

The frog reminded me of when we were kids and after we had a lot of rain we would go frog searching around the pond. We would count the frogs, never catching them, just watching them. I loved to find some by looking up at big leaves and trying to spot a little tiny frog silhouette. It was absolutely thrilling, finding these tiny amphibians. I remember one year when there were so many frogs, they were even in the pot plants around the house. 

I will have to go frog spotting again one day soon.