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I love the little moments. Little moments like finding a new little baby tomato on your treasured Grosse Lisse tomato plant or discovering a tiny little frog hiding on a leaf on a rose bush.

These moments are breathtaking. The little frog this morning was amazing, he would have been about 2 cm long and he was a strange subtle green colour with these amazing little specks of gold on his back. 

The frog reminded me of when we were kids and after we had a lot of rain we would go frog searching around the pond. We would count the frogs, never catching them, just watching them. I loved to find some by looking up at big leaves and trying to spot a little tiny frog silhouette. It was absolutely thrilling, finding these tiny amphibians. I remember one year when there were so many frogs, they were even in the pot plants around the house. 

I will have to go frog spotting again one day soon.

This will be a photo post to celebrate Georgie fetching. Granted, she does it on her own terms…she will rarely place the ball at my feet instantly, but she will watch you for a moment and then put the ball down where it will roll towards me. She does this very consistently and if you happen to try and hurry her up she gives you this look that is incredibly proud and maybe a little offended that you would dare rush her, this is her game, and she plays by her rules. I love this dog.


Isn’t she the best?

Do you think I could crochet this little cardigan? Isn’t it just the sweetest thing you ever saw? I need it.

It looks like heaps of tiny little crocheted granny squares joined at the corners. It would be one of those lifetime projects that never end. A way to use up lots of small little scraps of yarn maybe. Anywho, it’s from the movie Bright Star which I recently saw with my mum. It was a visually and emotionally stunning film that I would definitely watch again. 

I’ll put this cardigan into my ‘vaguely achievable dreams’ folder. *sigh*

So last night I had this dream that I was eating a tomato from my own garden. 

That is all.

Wow. It’s been a while hasn’t it? So so much has happened since I last wrote on here. My life seems to be a continual state of flux. I have moved out of the city, back to my parent’s farm and have been exploring a new change of career direction and I am really happy right  now. I feel like I have been in a great routine of sleep and activity. I’ve been volunteering at some local schools and working with Prep an Year 1 classes mostly. I love the kids so much, they are absolutely fascinating. And I have been driving! My goodness, what a change. I really want to get my license before I start uni in July so I have been knuckling down and just doing it. Just this afternoon I drove over two hours to visit an elderly family friend who has been hospitalised for pneumonia. No big dramas driving which is fantastic!

Now for some visual aids to illustrate my life at the moment. I must note though, that I don’t have a high quality camera with me at the moment or a fast enough internet connection to upload them anyway so please excuse the quality of my photos which are either from my phone or the webcam. 

First you need to meet Georgie. She is the cutest pup right now. She’s a kelpie and she is ridiculously intelligent and cheeky. I think she’s a very proud princess of a dog. She refuses to fetch, but she definitely knows what to do when you tell her to. She deliberately places the ball/stick/plastic box just out of your reach and then grabs it when you get to close and she will continue the charade as long as she feels it’s fun for her. Oh and she just loves to swim! Having a water loving dog is beautiful, Georgie just loves to launch herself into the water with a terrific leap to fetch a stick or just for a swim. Anyway, here is a photo of her looking all innocent and lovely. She really is such a character.

And here is my other pet project…my tomato garden bed. Now, my dad has the most amazing vege garden but I really wanted to branch out and grow my own big red juicy tomatoes on my own. I did a little research and we found some Grosse Lisse tomato seedlings and some parsley for a little companion planting and here is the result.

The whole garden, there are seven tomato plants and more parsley. Some of the parsley is thriving and others seem slower to grow. I just mulched it this weekend. (also, I edited these photos on my camera…it’s a little limited, but at least the colours aren’t as washed out as most phone photos tend to be. Pretty cool eh?).

And here is a close up, just because I may be more than a little in love with these plants. It’s healthy, I’m sure. 

And here is my new favourite item of clothing. I bought this fabric ages ago, and last week I came home from school and I decided I wanted a wrap skirt. And to cut a long story short, my mum is brilliant. She is amazing. Mum helped me turn a simple skirt into a work of art, and helped me make it beautifully. I just love this skirt and now I have plans for a few more!

Oooh and on a recent visit to the recycling centre and I found this 1968 dress pattern that I am itching to make. So I will keep you posted!

I miss so many people and I love you all! I plan on keeping you all updated here, even if it is with terrible photos. I want to keep you in my life.

Love to you all!