I bought a lovely little moleskine sketchbook about 4 years ago when I finished high school.  Ever since then it has lived in my handbag along with some sort of writing/drawing instrument. I go through stages of drawing in it and ignoring it but lately I have been so inpired to just draw. I used to treat my pretty little book like a sacred thing and would only draw in it occasionally but recently I realised that I like things that are full of details and drawings and colour. I want to fill my book. Here are some photos of my favourite book that I am more than a little bit attached to.

Meet my moleskine…

First pages

Momentous occasions…first day at uni, o-week and other assorted drawings

A recent more colourful crazy page

I am very proud of this page…I like that I somehow managed to keep my characters consistent. I have lots of trouble with that!

Just so you get an idea of how attached I am to this baby…I had this ridiculously vivid nightmare the other night. I was with some friends by this big dark pool/lake and my older brother decided to threaten to push my handbag inot the pool. And then it actually fell in and I was so mad. And the only thing that we could find was my moleskine and I opened up my soggy sketchbook and all my drawings that weren’t drawn with a waterproof pen had all washed away. I was hysterical. (I make an honest effort to only draw with a waterproof pen now)

And just because this made me happy, here is a photo of my breakfast today. My sister and a friend came over for dinner last night and they wanted to make a quiche to have for breakfast at a park. So we stayed up late baking a lovely quiche with asparagus and zucchini and tomato and we had a minor sleep in and got some takeaway coffees and a cherry danish to share. Then we went to a park by the river and just sat and ate and talked and prayed for some friends in need. I love those mornings…and I love my friends that I have been blessed to have in my life. (my sister took this photo, and then I played with actions in photoshop to get it to look all pretty and vintage like).

I feel like I just let you take a look in my own personal diary…but I have been so proud of my drawings lately. Enjoy my friends!

p.s. I am quite excited about a collaborative project I am planning with a good friend. I can’t tell you what it’s about exactly and it’s going to take a while but I am still very very excited!

p.p.s. Sorry about the lack of updates lately…I took lots of great photos on my holidays that I can’t wait to share but I put them on my parents’ lap top but I keep on forgetting to get them. Some great projects happening that I can’t wait to share. xo