One of the first birthday presents I ever made for my younger sister was a cute little piece of embroidery my grandma helped me with when I was about 9 or 10. It was a simple little piece with baby ducks and chickens and a few flowers. I remember being fascinated by the tiny little ‘lazy daisy’ stitches and the silky threads. The satisfaction of a finished piece being put into a frame was like no other, I was so proud. My sister still has it.  It was a vintage iron on transfer from my grandma’s collection that I used to pore over. My grandma died when I was about 12 and I don’t know what happened to those embroidery transfers. Now whenever I embroider, I am reminded of my grandma patiently teaching me all the little stitches.

The projects below are from two or so years ago.

Love dino and anatomically correct skull

Now, although I still love vintage embroidery, I am enthralled by the idea of moving embroidery into today’s fashion. It is such a versatile skill and to actually sit down with a needle and thread is almost a meditative process.

The embroidery above are some of my more recent forays into embroidery. The skull came from a desire to treat the needle and thread as a pen on paper. I sketched a skull from my anatomy textbook, simplified it a little, drew on some basic outlines very lightly with a pencil and filled it in carefully. I was very happy with that one. The ‘love dino’ was inspired by some small drawing I vaguely recalled seeing and I wanted to try my hand at filling in an outline with some long stitch. I would love to do this dinosaur on a baby t-shirt for a gift (when I actually have a friend who requires such gifts!)

Embroidered Patches medley

I made these patches to sew onto my handbag. I love buttons and badges and patches sewn on fabric. I don’t want to grow out of it. My mum used to collect little touristy patches in a little box in her sewing cupboard and I always loved the sturdy little embroidered patches. When I found an internet tutorial that quite simply explained how to achieve such results I almost danced for joy! All I did was figure out some simple designs, cut out the shape, embroider and finish off my embroidering a lovely little black border over the edge of the felt. It takes a while, but they really are cute and reusable!
And that is all of my creative adventures for today.