So here I am…starting a new little blog in which I hope to share the things that inspire, encourage and push me to create. I hope that by sharing these things, you will also be inspired to put some creativity into your everyday life. I guess I started this so that I can have a place to externalise my thoughts and the things which make me smile. I hope it becomes a colourful place that fosters a community feel through creativity and sharing. There have been so many blogs that I have admired over the past few years and I would love to give back to that online community.

Today I pulled out my paint and brushes to complete a painting I started last week. I am pretty happy with how this has turned out, especially since it was an experiment of sorts. I tried limiting my colour palette to yellows, reds and blues and I also tried a more cubist style than I would usually tackle. I’m just not so sure about the blue that I did today and I think I need to straighten up a few red outlines. I am hoping to start (and finish) at least 3 more paintings in the coming week. Even though it takes a bit of motivation to actually start a painting I really love the satisfaction I can get from just laying the colours on a canvas. It’s a pleasure like no other. I’ve shown you a corner of my painting and a view of my studio/dining room table.

One of my goals is to make all my Christmas presents for this year. That will add up to at least 10 handmade gifts. I’d better start brainstorming! Hopefully I can have all my presents ready early this year, complete with pretty wrapping.

The List

  1. Mum
  2. Dad
  3. Little sister (she’ll be 20)
  4. Younger big brother
  5. Big brother
  6. Sister in law
  7. Granny
  8. Super Aunt 1
  9. Super Aunt 2
  10. Best bud
  11. Pen pal
  12. Childhood neighbour

Time to put my thinking cap on…